Raymond Finzel

Why to blog

Sexual Release

Blogging feels great! It's normal and healthy. Average men blog anywhere between once a week and twice a day. Whatever feels right! As long as you're still making time for your family and friends, and not neglecting your responsibilities, it's fine to keep blogging.

If you're new to blogging like I am, talking about blogging with your family and friends can be scary. Start small. Maybe make some jokes. Think about your own comfort first, and go slow. Light some candles! This is you time.

It's all about the release, babey!

That sweet bloggo cash

The internet is a platform for delivering ads. If you want people to see ads, you should consider bloggong. Lots of people read blogs, all over the world. I wanted a slice of that sweet bloggo cash, so I started this blog. Now, I might make some money.

Ads should be tasteful and relevant to your audience. Personally I don't like a lot of bloinking lights or scantily clad people (sex sells but not to me).

Internet fame

Almost all famous people blog. This much is fact. Many famous people even started blogging before they got famous. Lots of people keep travel blogs or post photos of their food these days. Sometimes obscenely large numbers of people look at your pictures of food and then you are, what they call, internet famous. Okay so humor isn't my strong suite.

You may have a few hundred readers or you may have a few readers but either way, your blog is a tangible way to get yourself out there for your friends to read. If you're inclined to blog you're probably not posting a lot on facbook or twitter, so this may be the only way.

Makes a good resume bulletpoint

If your blog is in a public place recruiters will probably see all your posts, so you should feel free to include it in your resume. It signals initiative and also, even if it's bad it's not embarrassing. Words on a web page are just words. An experimental playground for ideas. There are no bad questions, only bad answers.

Impress your friends

Blogging is a status symbol. Blog, smoke, sex, repeat.

Be smart

One good trend I've been seeing lately is that some smart people keep blogs. If smart people make blogs then more regular people can read the contents of those blogs. I personally read many hours of blog daily, and can say that my thinking and reading skills have vastly improved. Also I definitely don't believe in the dark enlightenment now. I told my girlfriend I wanted to blog about ontologies because the word ontology was something I learned in my philosophy class in college.

Don't believe everything you read online, but I'd say that blogs are of above average reliability. I plan to only publish reliable things, so you can trust me.

All I know is, even if you can't be smart, you can at least relate to that #1 tip.